Cafe Thien Truong – Vietnamese traditional architectural style

Thien Truong cafe located on Vo Nguyen Giap Boulevard, Nam Dinh city is an architectural work with traditional Vietnamese style. The house on wooden stilts is typical of the Northwest with wooden columns, wooden floors and simple rustic wooden stairs but also very unique in the middle of bustling streets.

The red brick garden is slanted, reminiscent of the peaceful northern village road. Under the trees of jackfruit, mango, chicken eggs … both create shade for the garden and bring us back to the nature of the countryside, rare and strange. In addition, on the yard, there is also a small stage to serve parties, birthdays, music performances…

Entering the shop through the wooden gate, under the inviting red bougainvillea trees, walking on the curved bridge above the cool clear stream, winding from the inside to the garden. The soft walkway made of natural green stone brings us into the stilt house – the main space of the cafe. The porch displays bonsai trees with many rare and precious trees, attracting discerning guests to enjoy coffee while watching trees relax.

The unique feature of the restaurant is the Koi pond connecting the space in the house on stilts and the garden. In the middle of the restaurant is an aquarium with a small fountain below the atrium decorated with lanterns, which is both a vivid highlight and brings a good effect on feng shui. The aquarium is led out to the garden by a small stream on top of tempered glass, customers can walk above while watching the fish swimming below. In addition to the yard, the aquarium is designed by the architect with curves forming a stream, alternating natural rocks with waterfalls as if bringing nature into the space of the restaurant.

The project is designed and constructed by Tan Chinh and is in the finishing stage. Expected to be put into use in June 2020, this will surely be a unique coffee and relaxation destination in the center of Textile city.

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